XTC KuneKune Pigs.

KuneKune pigs are heritage pigs originating in New Zealand and were raised by the Maori. The pigs were allowed to roam the villages and it is believed that this is why they have become so people oriented. These pigs are my favorite! Besides being ridiculously cute, they have the most amazing personalities. It is common place for one to walk up and lay on your feet, wanting a belly rub.

GMF Ru 12, AKA Highbeam is our senior herd sire. He has excellent conformation which he consistently passes on to his offspring. We have retained 2 of his daughters for our own breeding program.

USA Wilson's Gina 3

AKA Kiwi

GMF Kereopa 7

AKA Mississippi

XTC Jenny 2

AKA Bling



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